100,000,000 Steps!!!

As part of our 10th year celebration, we are walking our way to 100 million steps. And, to make this milestone special, we knew we needed:


We decided 100 million steps would do it. Learn more...


Together we have reached

23313265 steps!

Which is about

11656.80 miles!


Here's the latest Steps towards 100,000,000


1/1/2020 - Participant #0601 - 18147 steps
12/6/2019 - Participant #0601 - 12162 steps
12/3/2019 - Participant #0601 - 126314 steps
11/4/2019 - Participant #0601 - 96871 steps
10/14/2019 - Participant #0601 - 100629 steps
9/23/2019 - Participant #0601 - 119045 steps
9/2/2019 - Participant #0601 - 130983 steps
8/5/2019 - Participant #0601 - 119635 steps
7/15/2019 - Participant #0601 - 133610 steps
6/17/2019 - Participant #0601 - 104754 steps
5/27/2019 - Participant #0601 - 113892 steps
4/30/2019 - Participant #0601 - 96979 steps
4/6/2019 - Participant #0601 - 103154 steps
3/18/2019 - Participant #0601 - 109481 steps
2/24/2019 - Participant #0601 - 107797 steps


100 Million Steps is our goal!


100 Million Steps in 2013 and we need your help to do it. Will you do your part? All you need to do is walk! Walk and enter your steps. We’re keeping a running tally to reach our goal of 100 million steps!


Your steps count and you'll be able to enter them on our website! Don’t use a pedometer? Just let us know the distance you walked and we'll convert it into steps. Register today so you can start entering your own! They'll automatically be added to ours and you can even print out your accomplishments along the way!


Need a pedometer? Host a CAROL For Heart program and you will get them for free. We are giving away Pedometers at our Healthy Heart programs starting January, 2013.  Make every step you take count! 


Did you know...It takes the average person about 2,000 steps to walk a mile which will burn 100 calories. Of course this depends on terrain, intensity, speed, etc., but that gives you an idea. Imagine what you can do while walking towards that goal of 100 million steps with us. We can ALL benefit from walking…

BENEFITS OF WALKING as listed on TheWalkingSite.com

> Burns calories

> Slims your waist

> Lowers blood pressure

> Shapes and tones your legs and butt

> Reduces risk of heart disease,

diabetes, & more

> Sleep better

> Can be done almost anywhere

> Strengthens back muscles

> Strengthens your bones

> Allows time with family and friends

> Cuts cholesterol

> Reduces stress

> Improves mood and outlook on life

> Requires no equipment

........AND it's Free


Who DOESN’T want these things? We all need this, and remember it’s free. No special equipment needed; no gym membership necessary. Just start one foot at a time.

• Your heart weighs 10 ounces.

• Your heart circulates the body’s blood supply about 1,000 times per day.
• Your heart beats about 100,000 times a day. That’s over 36 million times a year.


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Keep it beating - get up and walk!


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