May 2013: Eat $mart

• Special Thanks

• Carol's Cooking Night

• Exercise: Walk

• Menu: Black Bean Burgers


January 2013: 525,600

• Carol's Cooking Night

• Stay Tuned

• Exercise: Horizontal Bicep Curls

• Menu: Sauteed Chicken with Orzo & Caramelized Fennel


December 2012: Smart Shopping Tips

• Do you LIKE us?

• Exercise: Shoulder Pumps

• Menu: Sugar Plum Pears

• Heart Programs


October 2012: Carol's 9th Annual Run of Love was a success.

• The Magic Answer

• Carol's Cooking Night is BACK

• Exercise: Push-ups

• Menu: Beet and Orange Salad


September 2012: Moderation, What does it really mean?

• Exercise: Walk, Jog or Run at the CAROL

• Menu: Chopped Salad with Apple Vinaigreet

• CPR Classes


August 2012: Salt, It's Everywhere

• Exercise: The Hula-hoop

• Menu: Cuban Pork Asado with Corn Salsa. Roasted, Toasted Asparagus

• Carol's Annual Run of Love


May 2012: Good Fat vs. Bad Fat!

• Exercise: Do Something Fun

• Menu: Mixed Salad Greens with Fruit and Strawberry Vinaigrette

• I Dare You to Run

• Carol's Heart Program Needs You


February 2012: Happy New Year!

• Risk Factors

• Wear Red

• Exercise: Posture

• Menu: Homemade Vanilla Yogurt with Granola

• Carol's Cooking Night


December 2011: It's here again!

• Be our friend...Like us on FaceBook!

• Exercise: Outer Thigh Lift

• Menu: Pomegranate Glazed Salmon with Sauteed Spinach


September 2011: Thank YOU! And so much more...

• Debbie's Pink Sneaker Diary - "My Master Plan"

• Community Wellness Expo

• Carol's Cooking Night


August 2011: Life's Little Detours.

• Debbie's Pink Sneaker Diary - Recalculating

• Carol's 8th Annual Run of Love - What is it?

• Exercise: The Pulldown

• Menu: Two-Way Strawberry Freeze

• Free Heart Programs


July 2011: The goal is to complete, not compete!

• Debbie's Personal Challenge

• Exercise: Shoulder Circles and Rolls

• Menu: Grilled Honey Mustard Chicken with Pineapple

• Free Heart Programs


April 2011: Are we spying on you?

• Can you spare 5 minutes?

• Upcoming Events: Carol's 8th Annual Run of Love

• Exercise: Standing Knee Lift

• Menu: Grilled Halibut & Savory Corn Pudding

• Free Heart Programs


March 2011: No more Fat Tuesdays this year!

• Upcoming Events: Girls with Gears

• Exercise: Basic Standing Calf Raise

• Menu: Raspberry Chocolate Scone

• Free Heart Programs


February 2011: It's February and it's Heart Month

• Upcoming Events: Girls with Gears

• National Wear Red Day

• Exercise: Squat

• Menu: Mixed Greens & Chocolate Mousse

• Free Heart Programs

• Mmm...Chocolate


January 2011: Is your Dryer Broken Too?

• Carol's Cooking Night

• Girls With Gears, A Women's Cycling Event

• Exercise: The Transverse Abdominus

• Menus: Barbecued Salmon & Potato Hash



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