American Heart Association: Are you at risk for heart disease? Learn more here!

Go Red For Women: Interested in helping out the American Heart Association? Learn how to get involved and discover easy lifestyle tips to avoid future heart problems.


Tips from the CDC for healthy living: Advice about heart disease straight from the professionals!


The National Institutes of Health informational handouts:

The Heart Truth For Women: Think you can nver get heart disease? Click here to find out the truth.

About THE RED DRESS: What is the red dress from the The Heart Truth Campaign (NIH)?

NIH Senior Health: Change the font size or even have the information read aloud to you on this personalized, informative site made to make learning about health easier for seniors.

NIH Heart Diseases: Educate yourself on the different types of heart disease you never even knew about.

NIH Women’s Health general: Curious about what heart problems are common to women in particular? Check out this site!


Women & Heart Attack Warning Signs: Learn to recognize the warning signs of a heart attack that could save your life.


The Heart Truth for Women: This site tells you everything you ever wondered about your risk of getting heart disease.


Questions to Ask Your Doctor/What’s Your risk? Do you know the questions to ask your doctor the next time you go?


Leading Cause of Death for American Women (2005): Eye-opening graph showing the severity of heart disease in America.


Real Women Wear Red: A poster by the Heart Truth for Women supporting education yourself about heart disease.


The Truth Isn’t Pretty: A poster by the Heart Truth for Women introducing routine heart care.


Act In Time: Have a question about heart disease? This question-and-answer site will tell you everything you need to know.

GoodSearch: Do you want to do your part in the battle against heart disease? Use this search engine to donate money to CFH every time you search the web!

Other Resources


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