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We found out the hard way that heart disease is the #1 killer of women in the United States. 1 in 3 women will die. Carol Pawelski was one of those women. She died from 30 years of undiagnosed heart disease; if she had known about her risks, she might still be alive. We want you to know Carol’s story so you won’t become a heart disease statistic. 

CAROL For Heart brings FREE educational programs to your location. In addition to our heart programs, we offer many ways to get up and get moving to reduce your heart disease risk today! Start now, your heart will thank you.


80% of heart disease is preventable...

What are you doing about it?

100 Million Steps!!!

Do you know the Signs & Symptoms of a heart attack?


Heart attacks DO NOT ALWAYS present themselves with crushing chest pain and numbness in the neck and arms. Learn more here...

What’s NEWS!


More people could survive or recover better from a heart attack if they got help faster.


Of the people who die from heart attacks, about half die within an hour of the first symptoms and before they reach the hospital. Know the symptoms! Know the warning signs!


Our source...and to learn more

Watch the video!

Comcast Interview
With Jeannine!



How your speech saved

this Momma’s life


You see I was, and still am, a very, very, very busy person...

read the entire story

Learn CPR!

The life you save could be a loved ones! Classes forming or host your own in your home.


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